Boxing lessons whenever you want

Want to enable an athlete to work on technique, fitness, responsiveness and strength at any time of the day? Beamer Boxing is a valuable addition to the range for boxing schools and generic gyms. For the general athlete it is a great way to do an intensive workout where you immediately learn more about boxing. It is a great way for the amateur boxer to repeat lessons yourself and improve your punches. For the experienced boxer a great way to train speed, strength and accuracy. And all this without further external guidance.

DiGital and realistic!

How does it work?

A video is projected on a vertically suspended, specially developed sports mat via a 'short throw beamer'. The video shows a trainer giving a pad class. Because the beamer hangs directly above the mat, the boxer is not in the light and there are no shadows. The boxer are asked to box just as they would against a physical trainer during a pad class. The result is surprising: from technically educational for novice boxers to super intensive workouts for experienced boxers. The lessons are provided by a very experienced instructor. The athletes can choose at which level they want to box and, if available, between different training sessions per level.

What do we supply?

We supply the special sports mat with an integrated suspension system so that it always hangs neatly straight. We can supply the beamer. The most important thing is that we provide the 'content', the teaching videos, so that the boxer can get started right away. We can make these lessons visible in different ways on the sports mat, via a laptop or PC, or via a tablet. The latter can be provided with an app that allows the athlete to choose his or her program/lesson. The display can also be paid for, which can generate extra income for the owner.


"Fantastic initiative by one of our members, created at our bar. It's great that we could test this right away in our own boxing gym. And what results! Fantastic how the boxers reacted to this and how there is actually visible interaction between digital trainer and the athlete. An enrichment for our offer!"

 José Medina - Mesa Sport and Fitness Rotterdam


In 2020 we informed the Dutch Boxing Association about the concept of Beamer Boxing at an early stage.


“A fantastic initiative! In my view there is currently still too-conventional thinking and insufficient attention to new training methods. Great innovation and let us know where we can help."

René Braad - Director of the Dutch Boxing Federation

possible to record your own trainers!

The training program that we are now expanding with new classes is provided by Tony Medina. However, it is also possible to record the training sessions with your own trainers. For this, the recording is made and edited / edited in our own studio. Separate agreements will be made for this.

24/7 interactive boxing

We are at the Fitfair 5+6 may in Utrecht


BEAMER BOXING will be present at the Fitfair in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht on 6 and 7 May 2022. There we will present Beamer Boxing to the general public for the first time. We can be found at booth 119. There we offer everyone the opportunity to give it a try. What is it like to train physically with a digital coach? If you want to come by, let us know and we'll arrange a discount on the entrance tickets for you.